Kogi BBQ, Los Angeles USA

Hot on the wheels of the Korean Mexican Fusion Food Truck

Kogi BBQ Food Truck


Stumbling upon this little truck of delights was rather serendipitous, having only researched it the day before! If the Q wasn’t enough to draw my attention the many plastered stickers were. Kogi BBQ is the Love Daddy of the Californian Food Truck Revolution. Fusing the ever compatible Korean cuisine with Mexican mmmmazeballs flavours, was an inspired Meals on Wheels idea that has created a world of opportunity for crafty chefs and passionate home cooks.

Kogi has Meal Deals and single serve offerings available, there’s something for every appetite. We went with Deal number 1; three tacos and a bottle of water for $8.00 and we grabbed one extra Taco for $2.29 so we could both eat two tacos. We ordered the Beef Short Rib, Spicy Pork and Chicken. I had the Chicken, his Lordship the Beef and we both had a Spicy Pork.

We agreed the Pork was by far our favourite, thus explaining the echoes of pork orders from other street side diners we overheard during our wait.

The Tacos were small yet filling enough to tie us over for several hours and absolutely great value. The marinades really coated our mouths so you could appreciate the flavour fusions long after the last bite. The wait once ordered wasn’t more than five minutes. The staff moved through the queue quickly with a never ending supply of Korean Mexican goodness.

There are four Kogi BBQ trucks that cruise Los Angeles each day of the week for lunch and dinner and can be hired for private events too. Check out their website for their schedule and other menu offerings.

Feel free to comment on this post or ask any questions about the recipe!

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