Street Feast London I

Get amongst it...

London Street Feast

Combination Munch

I am so excited to be here in London. After only arriving a couple of days ago and completing a full day of new home inspections across the city, I was not looking forward to a long night out with friends at a food festival despite their thoughtful invite. Shocking I know, but his Lordship and I were knackered. So we compromised…we agreed to meet our friends for one…and everyone knows how that story always ends up.


I spotted the Smoke Stak Pork Ribs on the way up the stairs drink scouting at #Dinerama and it was a case of love at first sight. When appetites were well and truly whet and we were deciding amongst the denizens of tasty morsels on offer there was no question, I had to go back for a pair of these bad boys.

Smoke Stak Pork RibsMunch Munch Munch

Slow cooked and char grilled to perfection. I have NEVER had a better pork rib in my life! For £8 you get two whopper sized meaty as ribs, think class ruler size. I smashed one, his Lordship the other and was completely satisfied. Update: I just wanted say, it’s now been over a week and I am still LUSTING after these meaty morsels. Perhaps I could try a new Street Feast location and  experiment on which Smoke Stak site does it better? All in the name of research.

           With greasy hands and sticky faces we grinned like Veruca and Charlie                               for these ribs I'd cross the Thames any day .

After another round of drinks and more friends arriving we decided to share something else. Unknowingly at the time the next best dish on our list was from Bird Box, a chicken rotisserie spin off (hehehe) from Smoke Stak. The stall smelt incredible and I have to admit the abundance herbs and charred lemons out front promised my buds something fresh and delicious.

Bird BoxMunch

We ordered the Bajan Rotisserie Chicken with Roast Garlic Potatoes for £7. Whilst perfectly charred skin and incredibly smokey onions were all on point, however the flavours seemed to get lost or maybe we just had high hopes. Perhaps a little dash of salt and some squeezed bbq lemon over the chook before boxing it up, would enhance the meal? I would definitely eat here again, but not before trying some other stalls.


Street Feast London is a pop up catering event across the Summer months at various compass points across London. Venues with various Munch counters are located in Shoreditch, Lewisham and Dalton. Each venue has different opening hours so if you are interested pop online to plan ahead. #Dinerama in Shoreditch is close to the Tube and open from Noon til Midnight. All venues are free entry prior to 7 pm and afterwards cost £3 per person, pass outs are passed out.



Feel free to comment on this post or ask any questions about the recipe!

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