Grand Central Market II, Los Angeles USA

Back again for another calorie beating

Combination Munch

As we promised to ourselves we’ve returned to the Grand Central Market, this time with a friend (we’ll call him Nick). We arrived for lunch early at 11, so the Q’s for Los Angeles’s favourite stalls weren’t long & the food was fresh! So many tasty looking options were on our combined lists and it was hard to not go back to things we have already tried. Got Pupusas? Yet we left with so many unexplored options. This place is just fabulous for tourists and locals alike and those with families will love that little fussy eaters will find something to please their tastebuds. 

A wet, blustery morning beckoned for us to begin with coffees. So we parked ourselves at G & B Coffee and didn’t have long to wait for our caffeine fixer uppers. Between the three of us we ordered a standard full cream Latte (no low calorie milks available), an Americano/Long Black and a second Latte with their home made Almond & Macadamia Milk. Each coffee was an average $5. See image for menu exact prices.


The milk alternative sure is pretty tasty, made fresh daily from just almonds, macadamia, dates and water by the G & B team, not only is it creamy and subtle, it doesn’t take away from the strong coffee and it’s obviously good for you. The Americano was served piping hot and came in a glass bottle to keep your coffee warm whilst you sipped from a second ceramic cup that you could top up at your own leisure. The coffee was strong and not at all burnt. They do have a small selected of baked munchies, but we didn’t try these.


It seemed a waste of belly space to order Tacos at this Market when we live in Echo Park and can get great tacos pretty much anywhere. However, the line last week for Tacos Tumbras A Tomas went from the centre of the markets right out to the street door so we knew they were a local’s favourite. Plus, the slow cooked meats on display were simply too good to refuse with only a handful of people (like 20) already in line we Q’d.

Munch Munch

At $3 a taco they’re worth the queue. The wonderfully friendly and super fast service was the little cherry on top of a mountain of slow cooked wonder. We’re glad we didn’t order more than one dispite being so cheap because holy guacamole these bad boys are huge!! I ordered the Goat soft white corn taco and the lads both went with Marinated Pork. The meat and dressing is piled so high that with the three little tortillas they give you, you’ll be glad you only ordered “one”. Simply lay the soft taco in your palm and pile up the goodies. The tacos come with two little home made salsas; a red tomato salsa and a green chilli salsa plus a few spicy pickled vegetables. Tasty, healthy, authentic and crazy cheap.


To be perfectly honest, we proooobably didn’t need more than what we just ate, which surprised us however we didn’t wish to only eat at just one vendor, so we tried the Thai Street Food stall Sticky Rice. I mean why not, we can just share a plate…or two.

Sticky Rice


We ordered the Gai Yang, Marinated Chicken, Papaya Salad and it’s name sake, sticky Rice. Our friend, (we’ll call him Nick) ordered the Kao Man Gai, with garlic rice cooked in the chicken stock, poached chicken and broth. Both were $10 each. The BBQ chicken was cooked to order on a grill right before you and you could see the chicken in a Sou Vide bubbling away. They have a few stools available for customers to sit on and they’re a first come, first serve basis. The staff are all hands on deck with our waitresses also prepping ingredients too. Kate is seen here pounding chilli and garlic in the biggest mortar and pestle for the papaya salad we ate. The food was fresh however it didn’t have that flavour punch we’ve come to expect from Thai Food. As Australians there are so many great Thai places available to eat, I expect that the Chefs have had to tone down the flavours for mass market (pun intended) appeal.


All in all, another fabulous foodie funday at the Grand Central Markets in Los Angles. Not only was I able to have lunch, but pick up farm fresh goodies for my meals later in the week. Vegie prices are competitive and everything looks delish.

The Grand Central Market is located in Downtown Los Angeles. There is parking available on site for only $2.00 for the first 90 minutes. Plus it’s close to public transport and right across from the landmark Angel Flight Stairs. It’s open 7 days all day and from Thursday to Saturday it is open for dinner in the evening til 9pm. Address: 317 South Broadway Los Angeles, California USA.







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