Carolina Meat Co. Los Angeles USA

Meals on wheels

Munch Munch

For lunch we decided to burst our Californian Food Truck Cherry. With a mutual love of Slow Cooked foods we thought we’d try our luck with the Carolina Meat Co truck.

If you’re in the Burbank area for lunch scope out the Food Truck scene on the laneway off Warner Blvd, near Gate 5.  There’s a variety of trucks that change each day of the week.



I ordered a Plate, with a Half Hickory Smoked Chicken and complimentary side, I chose Pork and Beans for $12. Wonderfully light and juicy the chicken was finger lickin good without any greasy aftertaste. The Pork and Beans were BBQ flavoured and much sweeter than I was expecting. Really great lunch, I look forward to trying something else on the menu next time. I already have my eye on Pulled Pork Plate with Smoked Corn on the Cob.

His Lordship ordered a Pulled Pork Sandwich for $10. The bun wasn’t gluten free (no option – that’s totally fine) but the meat was tender as can be and not too salty nor heavy on the marinade either. The Sandwich came stuffed with Slaw. He did think the bun was a little sweet. But we’re from Australia and our breads are more savoury to the palate than most of the stuff we find here. His Lordship did say that this is the best Pulled Pork he’s had since being in LA for 3 months and that’s saying something. If it’s on the menu, it’s soon in his belly.

After finishing our meals we chatted with owner August, originally from Carolina, hence the name along with his lady Jane and his best mate Josh from way, way back. All were super friendly and happy to spend some time talking about the food despite looking at it and cooking it all day. It was here we found out that the Chicken is smoked for about three hours and the Pork can be cooked anywhere between 8 to 12 hours. That’s a lot of love right there.

Our only suggestion, and we know it’s street food, would be a little something small to sit on or rest our plates on given the nature of the food. Those wonderful plastic milk crates you can get super cheap would be perfect, load em up with stock and then allow patrons to park themselves. We sat on these crates all over Vietnam and they are a great inexpensive option.

Carolina Meat Co travels all over Los Angeles. There have a Facebook and Twitter page that you can use to keep up to date with their Schedule. Also they have mobile Visa facilities so you’ll never be caught short changed.


Feel free to comment on this post or ask any questions about the recipe!

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