Grand Central Market, Los Angeles USA

A Market Food Crawl to get the best of all the worlds!

Grand Central Market

Munch Munch

Since our last visit in 2008 these markets have evolved into a Foodie’s dream. We were delightfully overwhelmed by the various vendors on offer, we decided on three to sample, with promises to come back and try others later. To make the most of our Market experience we sampled something from each vendor and shared it between us. This turned into a wonderfully cost effective way to enjoy unique food and have a wee tastebud adventure.

First up on the Hit list was Sarita’s Pupuseria, a traditional El Salvadorian snack stop. We ordered a Pork and Cheese Pupusa, there are plenty of meat options as well as vegetarian, next time I’d love to try the Mushroom and Cheese and perhaps the Jalapeno and Cheese too. Too many choices, not enough belly. Visa facilities available.

Sarita's Pupuseria

A surprise of well balanced flavours hidden in a bland exterior – never trust a book by it cover. Each Pupusa is made to order so they’re super fresh. The dough (made from Corn Flour) was wonderfully soft, something all GF/Coeliac eaters will appreciate. They’re $3.25 each, about the size of your handspan and they also come with a lightly dressed cabbage salad.
Next on our Market adventure was Seafood Mexican hot spot La Tostaderia. Reading through their menus and glancing at what the other diners were munching made us salivate but also meant our single decision was a tough one. 

We chose Wild Shrimp Tostadas. Light and spicy with chopped Shrimp in a salad of cucumber, chilli, coriander and avocado stacked upon crispy corn tostadas. Zesty and refreshing and the service was lovely too. Only $6.50 for two it was hard to not try something else. Our bellies were full but our eyes wanted more, the diners next to us couldn’t get enough of the tasty Mexican fare too.


I am an absolute sucker for something sweet even if I am not hungry I will find space. So to finish off our three course meal and considering it was such a warm day we thought a scoop or two of ice cream would go down quite well. Undeterred by the massive queue we decided to try McConnellsThey’ve been around since 1949 so we figured they must be onto a winner.


The Single Scoop for $4.50 is actually two scoops of Ice cream and there’s over a dozen different creamy flavours, so something for everyone. We settled on a Black Espresso Chip and Choc Coated Strawberries. The Coffee was intense and the Berries not too sweet so a great flavour combo. Although yummy, I couldn’t taste a difference in quality or amazeballsness from any other scoop of I’ve eaten.


We had a really wonderful day of trying new foods, all up we only spent $17.50 for both of us (we had a Pupusa each) and were absolutely satisfied until dinner time. I look forward to going back and sampling the Oyster and Wine Bar, The Thai Street Food stall and having a crack at Bombo’s Curried Shrimp.

The Grand Central Market is located in Downtown Los Angeles. There is parking available on site for only $2.00 for the first 90 minutes. Plus it’s close to public transport and right across from the landmark Angel Flight Stairs. It’s open 7 days all day and from Thursday to Saturday it is open for dinner in the evening til 9pm. Address: 317 South Broadway Los Angeles, California USA.

Feel free to comment on this post or ask any questions about the recipe!

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