Las Casuelas Terraza, Palm Springs USA

"Would you like a Margarita to start?" said as though it wasn't 10:30 am.

Las Casuelas Terraza Palm Springs


It’s still morning and only the start of Spring and Palm Springs is scorching. Planning to eat for a big day of adventuring we stuck our curious heads into the courtyard of Las Casuelas Terraza and were welcomed by the refreshing mist.


Upon seating we were given complimentary freshly made tomato salsa and corn chips to mung out on whilst waiting for our waiter to appear…out of the mist (sorry I had to). After much consideration of the large menu (the Tequila section was almost a page in itself), I ordered Chilaquiles ($8.95); Corn Chips topped with Chipotle sauce and cheese, two eggs cooked to your preference, beans (again your choice) and rice. The serving was massive and mild enough in spice for anyone to enjoy. My only gripe is it would’ve been much tastier if the corn chips with the breakfast were crunchier and not so soft. My Partner ordered the classic Mexican breakfast dish: Huevos Rancheros ($8.95); two fried eggs served over corn tortillas and topped with Rancho sauce, plus rice and your choice of beans as well as corn or flour Tortillas and was satisfied.

The service was friendly and efficient. We never waited longer than would be expected and our icy waters were topped up without needing to be asked. However, we did head back that night for a little night cap…you guessed it Margaritas! Although the wait to be sat wasn’t long and the whole venue was packed with a queue to be sat, the service was rubbish. We finished our little bucket of corn chips and salsa before the waiter even turned up and then was greeted with barely an acknowledgment of us waiting, despite only having a small section with a handful of diners to wait on. Shame really, because the staff earlier were great. Had we gone for drinks in the evening first we wouldn’t have bothered trying breakfast. The Margaritas themselves were plentiful and strong and only $4.95. Plus the live band played golden oldies that everyone could enjoy.

If you’re heading out to Coachella Festival this year, Las Casuelas Terraza is only about a half hour drive. So if you plan to pit stop and refuel before your planned and unplanned shenanigans I would definitely stop and stock up! It’s open seven days from breakfast til night cap drinkies.

Address: 222 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, California. USA.


Feel free to comment on this post or ask any questions about the recipe!

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