Berlin Currywurst, Los Angeles USA

German style sausages in LA

Berlin Curry Wurst


For a late lunch, my partner Dave and I decided to try Berlin Currywurst. Back home gorgeous German friends of our’s Fabian & Axel host a bloody brilliant Oktoberfest Sausagefest each year & source a variety of wurst from a German Butcher several hours drive away.  We eagerly await our next invite, though October is quite some time off. 


To say we love a tasty sausage is an understatement. However, on this occassion we were both disappointed as the wursts were small compared to what we’re are used to. We both only ordered one wurst each, thinking that it would be enough, it came with a giant nob of bread, not gluten free (totes fine) for $7.00 each. I had the Geflugelbratwurst (chicken, onion, cilantro) and Dave ordered the Paprikawurst (pork, paprika, garlic. The meat in mine was grainier than would be expected and Dave’s was closer to something more meaty in texture. I love beetroot so ordered a Beetroot Salad as a side for $5.00. We both agree this was the best part, even though Dave isn’t the biggest fan of the stuff. Dressed in a light vinaigrette with walnuts, feta and baby spinach I’d make this at home.

Although the price point is inexpensive, the overall experience really felt more fast foody than what we thought it would be when walking past. The fit out of the restaurant is pretty basic as is the food presentation (I plated up the salad myself after giving away my roll thingy). However it was something a little different for our belly’s on a Saturday arvo.

The Verdict: I probably won’t go again to be truthful. It wasn’t rubbish but I know I can cook better at home.

Address: 3827 W Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. USA



Feel free to comment on this post or ask any questions about the recipe!

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