Elmer’s: Palm Springs USA

Mimosa? For Breakfast?

Elmer's Palm Springs


A Diner style restaurant in Palm Springs that had a queue that never slept. An American friend back home who is a total foodie in a non-wanker way but in a nom nom nom way recommended we try Elmer’s, clearly everyone else there was a local or had been recommended too.



We actually arrived at 10.30 and was told it would be at least a thirty minute wait for just the two of us, with many other groups and couples waiting, we had the hostess pop our names down for Noon and headed back to our Motel for a quick cool off dip, as it was already in the early 30’s (celsius). When we arrived at 12 pm, the line up was just as big with different faces but we were sat as promised within minutes.

The food servings were plentiful, and the staff were efficient. After hiking through the Indian Canyons that morning we were after something pretty hearty and were totally satisfied. I ordered the Saturday Market Skillet ($10.69), layered with hash browns on the base then topped with a capsicum, onion, bacon, ham, sausage saute jumble, followed by cheesy scrambled eggs. I don’t reckon they could’ve fit anymore protein in there if they tried. The dish also came with a non GF buttermilk biscuit which I didn’t eat naturally, nor was it necessary, the serve was enough to sate but not make me feel ill. I also had a large Orange Juice ($2.49) to help wash it all down. I’d definitely go back again to eat the same or try something else. Elmer’s is else such great value for the flavour you get for the money spent. It’s open 7 days for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Address: 1030 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, California – USA 


Feel free to comment on this post or ask any questions about the recipe!

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