Grand Central Cafe, San Diego USA

So nice, we ordered twice.

Grand Central Cafe San Diego


We took a weekend road trip down to San Diego. We stayed in the worst hostel we have ever paid for (and we’ve travelled around South America and South East Asia so we feel we can say this with much experience). However, attached to the dirty hostel with the worst customer service was this absolute gem of a little cafe with the most wonderful staff.


The Service at Grand Central Cafe was so friendly their smiles were infectious (Jill was particularly adorable). We went back the following morning and both ordered the same meal as we were so pleased the previous day. I ordered the Chilli and Cheese Omelette for $9.95 (stuffed with chilli beef and beans and garnished with a little extra for love – main food image). It came with a choice of sides so I had the light and non greasy fresh potato hash brown (the size of the omelette) and as there was no GF bread available they accommodated me with freshly sliced tomato. My Partner ordered the Greek Omelette (mushrooms, onion, bacon and feta cheese – small food image) for $9.95 with sour dough and hash brown. Our coffees were continuously topped up and only cost $2.50. Although we felt sated not stuffed our meals lasted us from breakfast time ’til dinner time with no snacking in between.

For an El Cheapo Brunch spot in San Diego I would definitely recommend, open to the public you don’t need to be a “guest” of the hostel. Cafe Grand Central is open for breakfast and lunch and is convenienly located near the train/ferry and tram stops. Plus it’s only a couple of blocks from the harbour.

Address: 500 W Broadway, San Diego, California. USA.


  1. @Kokonutfit I know! Such a great idea. Especially if you have leftovers from dinner the night before like Chilli Con Carne or Tacos or even Bolognese sauce :)


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