Ginger Lime Honey Brewsky

Rhizome Remedy


A while ago I was Room Sitting for some friends, and their Flat-mate gave me the know how to make this little gem of a brew. Trust me it instantly makes you throat feel so much better and it actually tastes lovely which is why I want you to have it for the Tissue Season. I’ve made this all over the world when we’ve travelled and have been ill, it’s super easy and such a fixer upper.


Serves 1

  • In a saucepan add some diced fresh ginger already peeled, about half a handful.
  • Add water (I fill the cup I plan to drink the brew out of and then add a little extra water- to compensate for evaporation) and bring to a gentle simmer. Ginger stock is ready when it becomes aromatic.
  • Pour it all back into you mug and add approximately a little honey and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Done.

Handy Fact: You can use the Ginger several times over, just leave the chunks in the pot and cover with enough water to keep them from going dry. So once you’ve made your first brew, the next few are easier, which is nice because when you don’t feel amazing everything is an effort.

Feel free to comment on this post or ask any questions about the recipe!

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