Pea and Ham Soup

Winter is coming...

Munch Munch

Or so the Starks keep telling us. So why not get stuck into the kitchen and make some hearty soups to help you prepare for Winter’s imminent arrival. Store your leftovers for laters and you’ve got a readymade meal for when it’s too cold and you can’t be bothered cooking.


Serves 4 main meals

  • 2 Large Onions, finely diced
  • Half Head of Garlic, finely chopped
  • 300 grams of Ham (I don’t have time to bother with a hock, so I buy the big chunks of ham and chop it up myself)
  • 3 Cups of Split Peas (you don’t need to soak the dry peas but the longer you are able to soak them, the faster they’ll break down in your soup and decrease your cook time).
  • 12 Cups of Water (not stock, the ham is salty enough)
  • 3 bay leaves
  • Twist of Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt
  • Continental Parsley (if you’re feeling fancy for a garnish)

Sweat the Garlic and Onion on  a low heat. Once they’ve softened add the chopped ham and warm through for another five minutes or so, then add the Split Peas, Water and Bay leaves and season well.

Bring the pot to the boil and cover. DON”T FORGET TO STIR REGULARLY.

Cook until the peas have broken down and the soup is super thick. Nom Nom Nom.

Helpful Hint: When cooking soups always try to use a thick bottomed saucepan/soup pot. If the metal is too thin, high heats can warp the metal and cook your meal unevenly and you’ve got a super high chance of some serious burn-age!

Feel free to comment on this post or ask any questions about the recipe!

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